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CONTEST – Another Photo Scavenger Hunt!!! Wheeee!

***Please don’t submit existing photos. That’s just lazy cheating, people… NOT COOL!***

Since our Papa Cristo scavenger hunt in December was *so* much fun for everyone involved and the response was so incredible… we’ve decided to do another one! Woo hoo! We’ll give you more days to search this time… two whole weeks to complete this task. We are still compiling prizes (and taking donations) but one thing is for sure… the big winner may, just like last time, get a helicopter ride! And as before, we will start out with one photo but no hints… and although the contest isn’t time sensitive, people who find the location with no hints DO earn extra points. We’ll release hints gradually over time, but if you know the answer we request that you please DON’T blab it out. Part of the fun is making people look for it! (Thus the word “hunt.”) :D

Below is an image which references a landmark that is located *somewhere* in Los Angeles County. You need to go to the place it leads you to and take a staged photo (**without being destructive or disruptive in any way**). We will choose the best one… with points for creativity and humor, of course. Oh, and let’s keep ‘em PG rated please.

E-mail a digital jpeg of said image to by noon on Sunday March 20th. :)

Okay, quit reading this already and get moving, people!

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OPA! We have WINNERS!!!!


  1. Ed and his friend Tugce found the mural before we gave any hints and were the first people to really utilize Papa Cristo… and had he not done that, a number of other contestants probably wouldn’t have found the location. Plus… the chicken stealing is FUNNY!
  2. Joanie had me fooled, she had the mural lady’s outfit so perfectly captured that I actually thought she worked there when I saw the photo. Her expression in the photo was perfect, and then add the Windex joke from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and *poof!* CONTEST MAGIC.

On top of getting dinner for two at Papa Cristo, Joanie and Ed both won the grand prizes: 3-person champagne helicopter rides with Channel Islands Helicopters… they’ll fly you over the Channel Islands National Park and you can even go whale watching from the sky!!! Wheeeee. Congrats you two.

Okay, I’ll announce more about the runner-up prizes that are being donated by Group 3 Aviation soon… promise.
YouTube Preview Image

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HERE YA GO! – The Secret Mural Location Was…

12/20 UPDATE: It’s hard to pick a winner so we haven’t announced one yet… but as a holiday surprise we’re adding more prizes to the booty (yeah, I said booty), so stay tuned!!! WOO HOO!


The back room at PAPA CRISTO’S!!!

The contest has ended… and now my hard work begins! How can I choose between these amazing photos!!!???? I may have to call upon the great and powerful Papa Cristo for some help…

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CONTEST – Be Fred Rated!!!

Submission deadline: NOON ON FRIDAY, JUNE 11TH, 2010

Some of you may recall our article on Fred Rated commercials a while back. Well kids, on June 15th Fred Rated himself (Shadoe Stevens) along with the entire production team of those crazy ad spots will be hanging out with us and Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater! AND WE’VE GOT TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS TO THE 11PM SHOW TO GIVE AWAY!

Are you creative with video? Are you a giant ham with a penchant for electronic appliances? Well, just send us a file or youtube link of your best attempt to create YOUR VERY OWN version of a Fred Rated commercial! We will pick the two best. Not only will the winners get free tickets to the show, but we might just air your spot at the show and on our Facebook page! You’ll be a STAR, baby!!!! (more…)

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WINNER – The Chosen Stomach Has Been Chosen!

Courtney is hardcore. This is her about to scarf down a tarantula. Don't you dare think she's faking it... Courtney actually WOULD.Well, we found a winner to represent us in the Six Taste Bizarre Food Challenge. It’s a shame we could only pick one person but they might be offering the challenge again in the future if there’s enough interest so if you’d like to purchase tickets check out their site and get on their mailing list.
Trust me, the competition was fierce… and a little stomach churning for me. Deciding between the entries was seriously rough. You people are insane! In the end we had narrowed it down to two entrants, and we finally just picked the person who submitted first between them.
Her name is… Courtney Chai, who despite her girlish exterior is actually a hardcore devourer of everything from cobra blood to ant larvae tacos to snake skin to tarantulas… and trust me, she showed us plenty of proof.

Mmmm! Ant larvae tacos!

“My dad is Chinese from Hong Kong, and my mom is a southern belle from Georgia. I grew up eating frogs legs, chicken feet, and thousand year old egg, as well as scrapple and grits.  My backgrounds definitely gave me a taste for adventure. I have traveled around the world eating bizarre foods, including, among others (1) tarantula in Cambodia, (2) grasshopper tacos in Mexico and Washington D.C., (3) ant larvae in Mexico City, (3) veal brains at the French Laundry in Napa, (4) jellyfish in Hong Kong, and (5) snails in Portugal, Spain, and France. 

“A few years ago I took a trip to Vietnam where I ate an entire snake in a small village outside of Hanoi. When I arrived at the restaurant, I was directed to a large cage of live snakes where I was asked to pick out my dinner.  Then they took the live snake inside, drained its blood into a carafe of wine, and pulled out the snake’s still-beating heart to be swallowed whole along with a glass of snake blood wine. Following this aperitif, I was fed an eight course meal of snake soup, snake stir fried with vegetables, fried snake skin, snake fried rice, snake bone congee, snake eggrolls, etc. 

“Although I am slight (a mere 5 feet, two inches, and 105 pounds), I can also eat a lot.  I have been known in my group of friends to eat two dinners in a row.  Accordingly, I am confident that I could clean my plate at every station at the Bizarre Food Challenge.” 

Okay kiddo… you’re on! MAKE US PROUD! Meanwhile, if your stomachs are up for it, dear readers, some of our runners up are featured after the jump. :)


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YouTube Preview ImageMmmm!!!!! Frog ovary dessert soup!Do you have a hearty appetite for the obscure? Have you a hankering to devour delicacies that would send most people running? When you see bugs in the yard, do you wonder how they would taste with a little salt and pepper? Well then, you actually just sound kinda weird… but hey, if you’re ready to clean your plate no matter what odd ethnic delicacies are piled upon it, WE NEED YOU! (Scroll down for full details.) Please send a video link, photo or well-written narrative to with “BIZARRE” in the subject header and convince us that you are THE CHOSEN STOMACH!!! Contest submissions will be accepted until midnight on Tuesday, April 13th.

HiddenLA is looking for someone with a strong constitution to represent us in Six Taste Tours’ upcoming Bizarre Food Tour Challenge!!! The event begins on April 17th at 10:30am in San Gabriel Square and tickets are normally $40. The challenge is sold out, but they’ve saved ONE SEAT for a HiddenLA fan (YOU?) and we gotta pick someone who will make us proud. No lightweights need apply! The culinary delights you’ll be introduced to aren’t for the faint of tummy!!!

Eat outside the box and join Six Taste on a Bizarre Food Tour Challenge. Taking place in San Gabriel Valley: The New Chinatown, participants will get to try several ‘bizarre’ dishes made by some of the best Chinese cooks in Greater Los Angeles County. Sample jellyfish, frog ovaries, crocodile, stinky tofu and more – this is an opportunity to expand your palate and challenge preconceived notions of what belongs on your plate. Participants will be challenged to clean their plate at every stop. Those that finish will get a Six Taste certificate of achievement and a place on our website hall of fame.

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CONTEST – Show Us Your 6th Dimension!


Calling all fans of The Mystic Knights of The Oingo Boingo
have we got a contest for YOU! (Scroll down for details!) YouTube Preview Image

WHAT YOU CAN WIN: A pair of tickets to The 30th Anniversary Screening of the 1982 cult film, Forbidden Zone. (more…)

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FLASHBACK – 1950s Babies On Parade

Gee, your hair smells terrific…

©USC Digital Archive ©USC Digital ArchiveJuly 28, 1951: Three year-old Bobby Ashe – Everest (“Master Ladera Park”) puts his smooth moves on 22 month-old Sharon Hawkins (“Miss Ladera Park”) at The Ladera Park Baby Show.


Race to Win an *Amazing* Adventure!!!

Congratulations to the incredibly brilliant
Jeremy Matters, Brian Donnelly and Karen Satlin!!!

We expect full reports of your adventures. Oh, and naturally we also expect you to WIN. No pressure! :)


Win a FREEEEE pair of CityRace tickets! ($70 value)

Have you been craving a little competitive challenge lately? Would you like to see sides of Los Angeles that you never knew existed? Are you as rabid a fan of The Amazing Race as I am? Oooh, today’s giveaway contest is right up your alley, my friend!!! But be forewarned, you’re going to have to put your thinking caps on to get these tickets… we aren’t about to make this easy for you. What kinda challenge would that be!? What would Phil Keoghan do? 

The first three people to e-mail the correct answers to all the questions after the jump will each win 2 tickets to CityRace Little Tokyo: Upside Downtown on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 10:00am. Contest ends September 12, or when 3 winners have been chosen, whichever comes first.

City Race

“Set out on a challenging 3-hour hunt through one of L.A.’s most diverse neighborhoods in this fun-filled CityRace Urban Adventure Hunt! Teams of 2 to 4 players use brainpower to crack codes, solve tricky puzzles, research little-known facts and more… all while racing against other teams to be first to the finish with the most correct answers. From the heart of downtown’s historic core to the “village” of Little Tokyo, this challenging hunt will take you through some of the city’s most historic neighborhoods. You’ll discover some of the oldest – and newest – sites in downtown L.A. as you solve cryptic clues and brain-teasing puzzles in this iconic urban adventure through L.A.’s past, present and future. This hunt is challenging.


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ALERT – Big Giveaway Coming Up!

puppyWe really appreciate your support, and we’ve been working on some exciting treats to reward you for it. Pretty soon we’ll be announcing our first HiddenLA giveaway contest! Woo hoo! Are you excited? Well, YOU SHOULD BE. Seriously.

So keep an eye out… and be sure to join the community on our Facebook fan page so you can stay in the loop on this kinda stuff and more.

Hidden Los Angeles on Facebook
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CONTEST – The Los Angeles Superhero

marvel Calling all comic geeks! To accompany their upcoming Heroes and Villains show, LACMA is announcing a contest to create your own LA-centric superhero or archnemesis.


  • 3-5 images of character designs/storyboards
  • One-page synopsis of the plot
  • Images must be jpegs, sized up to 800 x 1000 pixels
  • Image files must not exceed 1 megabyte in size
  • Deadline for submissions is Sept. 15th

Can’t draw? That’s okay. *We’d* still like to hear your ideas. Throw ‘em in the comments to entertain us.

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GOOD CAUSE – 826LA’s Paddle Boat Regatta

***Echo Park Paddleboat Regatta deadline is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!***

826LA Echo Park Regatta What: 826LA’s Echo Park Lake Paddle Boat Regatta
Sunday, July 26, 2009, 4pm
Where: Echo Park Lake. Duh.
Who: You! Sponsor a team! Donate prizes! Just show up to gawk and cheer or JOIN IN AND RACE – bring friends or join a pre-existing team.
Why: Because it’s great Sunday fun to mow down swamp turtles with a paddle boat! Oh, and it’s also cool to raise money for the kids of 826LA. *PLUS* there are PRIZES and goodie bags involved! Wheeeee!

Details: “On Sunday, July 26, 90 paddle-boaters (45 teams) will meet for the second annual 826LA Echo Park Lake Paddle Boat Regatta. These fearless navigators will brave the elements, the geese, and each other as they race through (the possibly monster-infested) Echo Park Lake to earn the title of World’s Best Paddle Boat Racers and to raise funds for 826LA. Teams pre-register online, then solicit donations from friends, family, significant others, passers-by on the street, and large corporations—all to secure a better starting position.” Registration and fundraising for the Regatta closes midnight on July 24th.

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