SIDESHOW – Hitting the Boardwalk with the Roué Cyr Wheel

YouTube Preview Image The roué cyr is not a complex piece of exercise equipment, the name literally means “simple wheel” in French. But if you long to follow in the footsteps of the Cirque du Soliel masters and learn how to gracefully work with one, you too can soon become one of the trendiest performers on the Venice Boardwalk… a sidewalk which has seen its share of trends. Personally, I’m a big baby so this stuff makes me dizzy… but if you feel like taking a spin over to Venice, Corona del Mar, or Long Beach to catch the wheel in action, here’s this guy’s schedule.

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One Response to “SIDESHOW – Hitting the Boardwalk with the Roué Cyr Wheel”

  1. Chris says:

    Hey that’s my buddy! It’s not actually true that roue cyr means simple wheel in French. Roue means wheel in French and Cyr is the last name of the guy whom invented them – at least in its modern incarnation. Hope this helps! Follow my link to see one I built.

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