QUIZ – What Lies Beneath (Philo T. Farnsworth Apartment)

Okay… since nobody guessed, the answer’s after the jump!

As a refresher, here’s how this little game goes… we’ll show you a spot on a google map (see below). We’re thinking of something notable that once happened or existed within a block or two of the point on that map. Within 24 hours we’ll give you the full details… but as always, we’re going to give you a fair amount of time to guess what we’re referring to first. We encourage you not to cheat by googling the address and if you know the answer right away please try not to announce it too quickly and ruin the game for the people who don’t.

Ready? OKAY! :)

(Special thanks to John C. for this tip!!!)

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The very modest home shown below…

Philowas once the home of Philo T. Farnsworth… the all-but-forgotten inventor of the television set. Apparently, Philo first invented tv when he was 14 but in 1926 he lived at 1339 North New Hampshire with his wife Emma. It was while living in this building that he continued his earliest experiments and also met with movie people in town, who promptly shot his ideas down as crazy.

The next year, working in San Francisco, Farnsworth demonstrated the first all-electronic television (1927). This won him more funding, and threw him and his associates into a complicated contest to set industry firsts.

In 1930, the same year that Farnsworth won a patent for his all-electronic TV, his labs were visited by Vladimir Zworykin of RCA, who had invented a television that used a cathode ray tube (1928) and an all-electric camera tube (1929). This led to a patent battle that lasted over ten years, resulting in RCA’s paying Farnsworth $1M for patent licenses, for TV scanning, focusing, synchronizing, contrast and controls devices.(SOURCE)

Philo T. Farnsworth passed away in 1971 from pneumonia.
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