QUIZ – What Lies Beneath (Morrison Hotel)

I’m starting to think these quizzes are gettin’ too easy for you guys! Break on through to the other side… the answer is after the jump.


Today’s little quiz is taking us Downtown. No hints this time… sooo can you tell us its name?

Just to remind you, here’s how this little game goes… we’ll show you a spot on a google map (see below). We’re thinking of something notable that once happened or existed a stone’s throw from the point on that map. Within 24 hours we’ll give you the full details… but as always, we’re going to give you a fair amount of time to guess what we’re referring to first. We encourage you not to cheat by googling the address and if you know the answer right away please try not to announce it too quickly and ruin the game for the people who don’t.

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Yep, the lovely boarded up building shown here was once known as The Morrison Hotel, made famous by The Doors. Let’s just say I doubt you’ll be rushing there to book a room.

The video below is a fantastic explanation of how the iconic image came to be. I’ve featured it before, but it’s a good one to revisit. :)

Here is “the story of Gary and Henry, two wild and crazy guys from the 60′s who designed albums covers for some of the biggest names in Rock and Roll… Gary and Henry discuss (with Ray Manzarek) how they came up with the infamous MORRISON HOTEL cover. They revisit the old hotel in downtown Los Angeles where they took the now classic shots of the doors in the hotel window. What’s amazing about this story is how different the world was back then. You can imagine today, taking a major rock and roll band to hotel with no advance notice and asking, “Hey mind if we take a few pictures?” Today, it would take months to set up the shoot and it would include bus loads of advertising people, reps from the record company, legal observers, and many many assistants. Ad to this, a full catering truck and security and you get the picture!”

YouTube Preview Image
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10 Responses to “QUIZ – What Lies Beneath (Morrison Hotel)”

  1. Tom Underhill says:

    Doors Photo shoot in Morrison Hotel is my guess.

  2. dan says:

    The soul of Jim Morrison

  3. Faith says:

    a speak easy

  4. salt water says:

    Uh, dirt? Otherwise the building would sink.

  5. Beverley says:

    Here’s a great story about what the Morrison Hotel turned into in its later years.


  6. Greg says:

    Jimmy Hoffa?

  7. Terri says:

    The Blue Line aka LA Subway

  8. Jon Ponder says:

    Victor Ponet, the hotel’s builder, is best known for purchasing a large tract of farmland immediately north of the train yards in the village of Sherman, now known as West Hollywood, in the late 1800s. In 1906, a real estate trust was formed by local investors to develop the land east of Ponet’s property into a neighborhood called Hacienda Park. The first order of business was to grade an extension of Sunset Blvd., from its western terminus at Crescent Heights (at the last stop of the Sunset trolley from Hollywood) through Hacienda Park and across Ponet’s property and into the bean fields that were then being developed as the planned community of Beverly Hills. The road, which would one day be known worldwide as the Sunset Strip, would not be paved until three decades later.

    That same year, Victor Ponet established St. Victor’s Catholic Church on Holloway Drive, which is still in operation. His children, the Montgomery family, created Sunset Plaza in the 1920s, which is also still very much in business and is still owned by Ponet’s descendants.

    St. Victor’s acquired national importance in the 1930s as the local headquarters for the Catholic movie censor board, the Legion of Decency. It also was the home church of movie stars like Loretta Young and Spencer Tracy. Ronald Reagan, a resident of the Sunset Strip for many years, held the funeral for his father there.

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