QUIZ – What Lies Beneath (Drum Barracks)

You guys got this answer waayyy too fast (and then I got distracted, sorry I couldn’t post this earlier!). Full information about today’s location is after the jump. :)


This week’s little quiz lands us in Wilmington, off the 110. Helloooo, Wilmington! :) And since a lot of people familiar with the area may get the answer somewhat quickly, there will be no hints. Sorry!

Just to remind you, here’s how this little game goes… we’ll show you a spot on a google map (see below). We’re thinking of something notable that once happened or existed a stone’s throw from the point on that map. Within 24 hours we’ll give you the full details… but as always, we’re going to give you a fair amount of time to guess what we’re referring to first. We encourage you not to cheat by googling the address (and if you know the answer right away please try not to announce it too quickly and ruin the game for the people who don’t).

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The building you see in the photo below is Camp Drum, Los Angeles’ last remaining original Civil War era military facility. It’s been operating as the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum since 1987 or so, is open to the public, and is also alleged to be haunted. If you’d like to see a virtual tour of the barracks, just click here!

(SOURCE) “Drum Barracks in Wilmington served as U.S. Army Headquarters in the Southwest from 1861 to 1871. Also known as Camp Drum, the post served as garrison for about 6,000 U.S. Army troops. The post was built during the Civil War on 60 acres of land sold to the Army by Phineas Banning and B. D. Wilson. Banning, a pro-Union advocate, was an active supporter of the presence of federal troops in Los Angeles because of strong pro-Confederate sentiments in the area. More than $1 million was spent on construction of the barracks and more than 13,000 Union soldiers were processed there for deployment east. Its military hospital was considered to be the best equipped and staffed medical facility west of the Mississippi River. Drum Barracks was finally decommissioned in 1880s and served for a time as a college campus. The Officer’s Quarters are the only surviving structures. It now serves as a Civil War museum.”

And before I forget to mention it… on December 4th and 5th, the Drum Barracks and nearby Banning Museum will be holding a FREE Victorian Christmas event where you can ride in a horse-drawn trolley! Woo hoo! (Click here for a PDF of the event)

(And yes, that’s a camel in the photo below. They were imported to help carry heavy loads during the Civil War! No kidding!)

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4 Responses to “QUIZ – What Lies Beneath (Drum Barracks)”

  1. Harry stout says:

    Drum barracks

  2. Vikki says:

    I know this one without even looking! I used to live in Wilmington.

  3. Harri says:

    Jimmy Hoffa??

  4. Judy Alban says:

    A museum? From the Civil War?

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