Our Upcoming hLA-X Giveaways!!!

To find out more about hiddenLA EXTRA and become an eligible member for our extra benefits and free stuff, click here.

As many of you know, we started to offer a special membership this week called hiddenLA EXTRA. We’re working on getting a wide array of cool special deals and giveaways going over the coming year, and some of the stuff we’re working on just can’t logistically be announced to 200,000 people on Facebook.

We’ll still be doing our usual free Facebook and content stuff, but it should be pretty clear that in order to do all of this extra stuff, funding is necessary to staff the efforts they require. We’re simply covering our expenses, and if you don’t want to win extra stuff or get in on these added discounts and benefits as we announce them, nobody’s forcing you to. (Joining hLA isn’t mandatory, and we aren’t exactly bilking people’s mortgage money: it’s $1 a month, folks. A full year membership costs less than ONE martini at Musso & Frank.)

So I digress… this week we will be having our first big hiddenLA EXTRA giveaway!!!* We’ll be giving away a few things every day or so until we run out, starting on Friday. We’ll be announcing winner’s names on the Facebook page and sending out personal e-mails to the random folks we choose. Here’s a partial list of potential prizes:

  • Three-Person Helicopter Tour and Champagne Package over the Channel Islands ($400 value);
  • Certificate for 2 to do wine tasting in Trabuco Canyon ($20 value);
  • 3 nights stay for your dog at a pet resort ($147 value);
  • multiple restaurant certificates (different prices);
  • scavenger hunt tickets (appx. $80 value)
  • and a pair of whale watching tickets ($29 value)
  • $40 in online book purchases

And more to come!!!!

*(Contrary to the photo, we will NOT be giving away a puppy. We do encourage you to go to the HiddenLA Pet Rescue page to find one that needs a home though…)

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  1. Tom G says:

    No iPad?!? (;

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