OPA! We have WINNERS!!!!


  1. Ed and his friend Tugce found the mural before we gave any hints and were the first people to really utilize Papa Cristo… and had he not done that, a number of other contestants probably wouldn’t have found the location. Plus… the chicken stealing is FUNNY!
  2. Joanie had me fooled, she had the mural lady’s outfit so perfectly captured that I actually thought she worked there when I saw the photo. Her expression in the photo was perfect, and then add the Windex joke from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and *poof!* CONTEST MAGIC.

On top of getting dinner for two at Papa Cristo, Joanie and Ed both won the grand prizes: 3-person champagne helicopter rides with Channel Islands Helicopters… they’ll fly you over the Channel Islands National Park and you can even go whale watching from the sky!!! Wheeeee. Congrats you two.

Okay, I’ll announce more about the runner-up prizes that are being donated by Group 3 Aviation soon… promise.
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2 Responses to “OPA! We have WINNERS!!!!”

  1. Julie says:

    You have chosen the correct winners for the correct reasons.

    I can’t imagine if I’d had the job of picking the winners.

    It had to have been very difficult.

    We may not have been chosen as the winner, but we did WIN in a way. We found a wonderful new place to dine!

  2. LISA says:

    OPA ….I too agree my what a job because you had so many factors to look at …and truthfaully you did an EXCELLENT job ..yes the chicken stealing was PERFECT and the art of getting PAPA CRISTO “don’t you steal my chickens ” …and THe matching of the Uniform was Great …i was heading that direction but i SO FORGOT about the WINDEX lol PERFECT well deserved Folks.

    HAve a Very Bless Holidays to ALL .!!!


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