IMAGERY – Fishing in Azusa, October 1930

I really love these photos. Click on the images for a larger view.

Photograph of Jewell Teegardin fishing on a rock above the falls and Beatrice Williams fishing in the foreground, Rainbow Angling Club, Azusa, October 1930. Both women can be seen wearing knee-high laced-up boots, breeches, and sleeveless collared shirts. They hold fishing poles and have baskets slung over their shoulders.


Fishing in Azusa

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16 Responses to “IMAGERY – Fishing in Azusa, October 1930”

  1. Kim S. says:

    So, does this place still exist? I did a quick google search and only photos turned up. If not, what has it become?

    Great post, btw.

    • lynnster says:

      Here’s the information I found, from this book:

      “Rainbow Angling Club – Construction began in 1929 (Seems to me that’s a typ-o and it should’ve said 1919) at the end of Tenth Street and Pasadena Avenue. With a grand opening in March 1920, the Rainbow Angling Club offered peace and serenity for those who enjoyed fishing for trout. It was owned and operated by a Mr. Garnsey. The lake was located on the former site of the Azusa Ice Manufacturing Plant.”

    • Bob Levinson says:

      Rainbow Lakes still exists but it is now a condo complex. It was converted to an apartment complex in 1980 and then into condos in 1985. I have lived there since 1996.

    • Bob Levinson says:

      And there are still fish in the lake. It is stocked every December when/if we can find a fish hatchery.

    • lynnster says:

      Wow, huh, it might be! I didn’t scroll to the side of the map, good eye! I wonder what’s there. Anyone here live near Azusa?

      • Kimberly says:

        That would be it. I live about three blocks from it. If only it looked now as it did then. There are a bunch of houses. It’s basically suburbia.

      • DJ says:

        Yes it is. I have lived near there for 23 years. The lake is now surrounded by upscale condos, and is a private, gated community.

  2. Leonard says:

    My friends and I used to awim in the vacant ruins durring the mid to late sixties. The closest you can get now is the front of the condos built alont the south side. You can still see the body of water in Google images. We had good times at Happy Jacks as well.

  3. Shirley Muse says:

    These are wonderful pictures. I live at the end of the lake where you see the deck and patio. There was a restaurant and ballroom in the 50′s and 60′s where there was dancing on Sat. nite and many proms were held here, I’m told. I’ve been here in the condos for 20 years. It’s very beautiful, still.

  4. Jack says:

    Shirley, as you know Jack`s band played there for some of the dances

  5. sumer says:

    i live here now…still beautiful quaint and quiet.

  6. Dan says:

    I started Kindergarten at the nearby Dalton School in 1961 and attended that school all the way through 6th grade. I remember going with family and/or friends to the Rainbow Angling Club once or twice as a child to go swimming as they had a couple of pools there. I think I even fished there as well. Sometime while I was still attending Dalton in the 1960′s (I don’t remember exactly what year), the club caught on fire somehow and burned down. I remember all of us kids being out on the playground across the street and watching it burn. To my knowledge it was never rebuilt or reopened. I was always kind of saddened by that event as I thought it was a cool and mysterious place. Later on in Jr. High and High School I hiked along the canal a couple of different times that feeds into the fishing pond at the Club there. Years later as an adult I recall hiking around the facility and looking at the empty and abandoned swimming pools. Now a person can’t really even get in to the area it used to be because of the gated condos or apts. An interesting piece of history!

    • Richard Lynd says:

      I remember Happy Jack’s very well! We lived right next to it, by the old “Foothill Dairy” I remember the owner was very nice, his face was disfigured, I was told it was from a shotgun blast while he was cleaning his gun. I also remember the huge old Pet Store on Azusa ave. They had monkeys, and a wide variety of pets. It burned down to the ground, with all the animals inside (sad day.) The Lucky Lager Brewery, provided a lot of jobs for the locals, I loved driving by and smelling the hops cooking. Azusa was a great small town! Great memories. Also one of the very first In & Out hamburger stands, was on Foothill Blvd.Anyone from old Azusa? write to me, I now live in Texas.

    • Richard Lynd says:

      I lived in Azusa in the mid-fifties, lot’s of great memories.

  7. chris says:

    July 31, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    I celebrated my 10th birthday at the Azusa Rainbow Angling Club with my Mom and Dad and also shared our dinner with the celebration team from JJ Agajanian’s stock car race at the Pomona fairgrounds. It was Oct. 12, 1952. I remember Roy Maypole of KTTV was there. I had to kiss all the women. I also got a signed pit pass. They bought our dinner and Dad bought a round of drinks.

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