UPDATE – Here’s That Hint You Were Promised!

We’re going to make this crazy hunt much easier now.

Are you ready!???

We’ve been slowly trickling images onto Facebook all week (see thumbnails below). Now watch the (surprisingly awesome!) video after the jump. If you *still* can’t find the location using a few simple key words that are being handed to ya on a silver platter… well, I’m sorry but you just don’t deserve to win a darn thing! We’re not gonna chauffeur ya there!!! :)

YouTube Preview Image

And on a side note… POOR SAD FRECKLY LITTLE MJ FOX!!! :(

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2 Responses to “UPDATE – Here’s That Hint You Were Promised!”

  1. Vicente Arellano says:

    Old Trapper’s Lodge folk art sculptures at Pierce College in Woodland Hills!!!

  2. molly says:

    isn’t this at pierce college over by lot 8?

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