The Holiday Hunt is ON! :D

Los Angeles Federal Credit Union

Our Halloween Coffin Hunt was such a blast… with the help of the Los Angeles Federal Credit Union and More LA Than, we’re continuing our brand of family friendly L.A.-discoverin’ fun into Christmas and Hanukkah!

The Story

Cat Conner, aka Mrs. Claus www.catconner.comMrs. Claus is burned out and goin’ ROGUE! She’s sick and tired of sitting home at the North Pole while Santa has all the fun, so this year she’s decided to come to LA on vacation and see the sights. She’s not really in the mood to give out presents but she’ll go back on the clock for THREE PEOPLE a day (ONLY THREE) *if* they follow instructions and complete some specific simple tasks first. She’s on vacation so she probably won’t  give you the time of day otherwise.


Six days. Three weekends. Twelve different locations. Eighteen festive gift bags… with six of them just a BIT more special than the rest!

Follow HiddenLA on Facebook for hints and clues to find a first location, and then complete the instructions that will lead you to Mrs. Claus. Keep in mind that she’s busy enjoying her vacation and will NOT do any gift giving unless you’ve already been to the first location and can provide her with the proof she requires.

We aren’t going to tell you exactly what your presents will be… because  what’s the fun in that!? We *will* tell you that they might include movie tickets; activity/restaurant/shopping gift certificates, and general fun holiday items… you just won’t know until you open the package. In each hunt one prize package will be a grand prize, but we won’t tell you which one it is. Remember on Let’s Make A Deal where you had to pick between curtain number one, two and three? Yeah, it’s like that.

How To Play

1. Keep watching HiddenLA on Facebook for notices of clue reveals for the weekend.

2. Once a clue comes up… get on the moooove! (Hunt items won’t materialize until a clue is officially posted, so no need to start looking before then, even if a “hint” leaks out)

3. Smart phones are a major advantage, as is having a computer bound “lifeline” as additional clues may pop up on Facebook or Twitter until a location is found.

5. When a giftbag is claimed, the winner needs to take a photo of themselves with it and Mrs. Claus and upload it to Hidden LA’s Facebook page (or email to to verify.

6. No trespassing or breaking of any laws required or recommended. But play at your own risk!

7. We know that some of the same people like to play the game all the time, but we would like as many people as possible to participate and feel like they have a chance at prizes. Mrs. Claus is big on sharing. That said, if you win one day and still want to play along with a chance you can, and if it turns out that people have not shown up to the first clue within an hour or two despite hints, we will open the hunt up to everyone (whether you’ve earned a gift bag previously or not).

Want to donate prizes for our hunt, be involved or cover it? Please direct all press, publicity, or business related questions to Thanks! :)

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  1. you do realize that your Mrs. Claus here is Cat Conner, right?

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