HOLIDAY HUNT – First Day Recap!

Los Angeles Federal Credit Union

Our Halloween Coffin Hunt was such a blast… with the help of the Los Angeles Federal Credit Union and More LA Than, we’re continuing our brand of family friendly local sight-discoverin’ and prize-winnin’ fun into Christmas and Hanukkah!


Mrs. Claus at ICE Santa MonicaHUNT #1: Sat, Dec. 3 – Santa Monica

$300 in PRIZE VALUES AWARDED! Including: passes to the LA Conservancy‘s screening of Miracle on 34th Street at the Million Dollar Theater (We love LAC!); fantastic gift bags provided by ICE @ Santa Monica (ice skating within walking distance from the beach!!!???? HOW AWESOME IS THAT!); gift certificates for the historic and delicious Apple Pan restaurant; AMC movie passes; handy Cost Plus and Walgreens gift certificates; plus lots more festive stuff!!! Even a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!


We decided to start off in a less hidden place for the first clue, just to start off easy and get harder. Holiday-themed boxes with attached balloons were placed in front of the Santa Monica library and photos were posted to Facebook as I sat about ten feet away. Originally we were going to put them inside, but a very earnest librarian was having none of it. Outdoors turned out to be more of a challenge  than expected since apparently it’s an unwritten rule that if anything is placed in front of the library without a person attached, that means it is free and up for grabs. I literally had to wrassle one box out of one wackadoodle lady’s hands as she started opening it. She insisted the boxes belonged to her since I wasn’t holding them in my hand and when I disagreed she stomped on the sidewalk screamed expletives at me as though I’d killed her dog. Good times!

Fortunately, our first hunter showed up about eleven minutes after the post. I think a lot of people didn’t drive out right away because they assumed it was so easy that it wouldn’t be there if they tried… you guys need to get that out of your heads, ‘cuz our third box took 40 minutes to give away!

Clues in front of the Santa Monica LibraryCLUES TO GET TO THE SECOND LOCATION:

The box contained a Santa hat. a kazoo, and a note which basically read: “Mrs. Claus is enjoying her favorite holiday sport nearby. She’s really starting to focus on her L.A. vacation, so she might not see you right away. To get her attention, put on the hat and serenade her with the holiday song of your choice (The Dreidel Song counts!). Then pick your prize wisely!”


Mrs. Claus is quite the ice skater, but her hearing and vision leaves something to be desired. Frankly, she’s a bit loopy and was still suffering some jet lag after commuting from the North Pole. Getting her attention wasn’t an easy task, as the adorable video below of grand prize winner Alan demonstrates. :)

YouTube Preview Image


Sadly, we were still disoriented from wrassling homeless people, so we forgot to get a photo and name for the first winner, but she was wearing an adorable polka dotted dress. Congratulations to her, Avery, Kevin and Alan! :D

Day One Winner Alan

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