HO HO HO!!! (Or whatever.)

Hey folks… so this has been a fun week. We’ve given away helicopter tours and Greek dinners and we’re *just* about to finally give away “New Year’s Eve for Two” at the Queen Mary. Before I go any further, I have to thank the people who joined hiddenLA EXTRA so far because EVERYTHING WE’VE DONE OVER THE PAST TWO WEEKS WAS FUNDED BY hLA EXTRA FANS. The fact of the matter is, the more people who join, the more benefits I can give you. Without your support, I can’t do nearly as much good stuff… it’s a looot of work. And I really love doing this stuff for you so your support is not only needed but sincerely appreciated… and you are the people who benefit the most!

So on that note I wanted to bring to your attention THREE THINGS:

1. The hiddenLA EXTRA member benefits are growing every week… AND HEY!!! Why not use your membership to help you afford A UNIQUE CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR SOMEONE??? We have THREE active discounts available to you right now:
2 FOR 1 on any L.A. Conservancy Tour
$15 OFF on a Dearly Departed Tour
30% OFF on any Six Taste Food Tour
(We’re also going to be adding Cinefamily memberships and a whooole bunch of other random stuff to the list in the coming weeks, with the goal of having hundreds of discounts available by this time next year.)

2. hiddenLA EXTRA memberships can also be given as a cheap present (just $8 for 6 months and $12 for a year!)… so either join up on their behalf or just PayPal the membership fees to contact@hiddenLA.com and then send an e-mail to confirm who you would like the gift given to. You’ll get a nice personalized pdf certificate that you can either put into an envelope or e-mail to them. Because I’m sweet like that. :)

3. A number of you have signed up to be on the hLA general mailing list thinking that made them hiddenLA EXTRA members… thing is, y’all forgot to fill out the ever important “step four.” See, paying the $8-12 is what puts you on a list that’s different than the ones the Viagra spammers are all on… and it’s what will make you eligible for the discounts and giveaways. So be aware… if you can’t access the discount codes and aren’t winning any prizes, that’ll be why.

Aaaaand with that, here’s Cowgirl Ann again for your holiday listening pleasure. :)
YouTube Preview Image

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2 Responses to “HO HO HO!!! (Or whatever.)”

  1. mary says:

    anything going to be happening in early december that would be suitable for 12-15 Red Hat ladies, during the day? $3o or less.

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