FLASHBACK – The Helms Bakery Truck

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If you’d like to see a Helms Bakery truck for yourself, the photo below was taken in the Petersen Automotive Museum yesterday. :)

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21 Responses to “FLASHBACK – The Helms Bakery Truck”

  1. Bobbie Hill Fromberg says:

    I still have my Helm’s sign. It is framed and proudly hangs in my kitchen.

    I have fond memories of the most wonderful cookies and cupcakes to have with a cup of coffee in the morning for breakfast. I also used to buy my cigarettes from my Helm’s man. I can still hear his whistle.

    Bobbie Fromberg

  2. Lora says:

    I, too, still have my Helm’s Bakerey sign. I loved when that truck would come through our neighborhood…chocolate eclairs. Yum!

  3. I can still taste the raspberry turnovers with a crispy coating of big sugar crystals on top. The Helms man was a much bigger treat than the ice cream man.

  4. Craig Saavedra says:

    I can distinctly remember the Helms truck making its way down the back alley behind our home in the valley when I was a little kid. The Helms man would shoo us away from the truck with Bazooka Joe gum, admonishing us in his thick accent (and with a wink), “Don’t buttah ya muddah in da guttah!”

    It was years later that I came to realize exactly what he was saying: “Don’t bother your mother in the gutter (alley)!”

  5. Louise Shorr says:

    I remember in the mid-50′s the Helms Truck coming down the streets of Culver City. When we wanted them to stop my mother would put a placard in the window.

  6. Lisa Orrantia says:

    I LOVED the smell of the inside of the Helms Truck. Mmm… glazed donuts! My Helms man also introduced me to jawbreakers. I’d never seen them before but he had them on his truck. Thanks for the amazing memories!

  7. EmilyUK says:

    My dad’s dog, Bruiser, would ride around with the Helm’s man during the day, hopping on in the morning and off in the afternoon…I’m pretty sure that would violate more than a few health codes today but you that is a sense of neighborhood that we don’t have anymore.

  8. Tom says:

    I remember the best cream puffs that one has ever tasted

  9. Robert McDonald says:

    On Saturday mornings I’d get jelly doughnuts (best ever) and pour a glass of milk and watch the Major League game of the week on NBC with Dizzy Dean and Buddy Blattner. Watching the operator open those drawers and smelling all that fresh baked goodness was something I looked forward to all week.

  10. Suzanne Castillo Devlin says:

    I grew up in San Dimas and stil remember their fabulous cream puffs……and everything else, really. It was easy to recognize that whistle going off when he came down 2nd. St. in a small panel truck in a creamy soft yellow color. Big treat for us! Helms and Vande Kamp products were the best. I loved Vande Kamps date nut loaf.

    Uh, I’m getting hungry!

  11. DV says:

    I lived on Helms, LA side, and growing up, during the Antique Guild era they left this old truck out front in the ‘alley’. We used to play in it, still filled with hay, for some reason.

  12. Carole Isaacs-Garcia says:

    I wrote this on FB a couple months ago & I am writing it again. I still remember the Helms truck over 70 yrs. ago. Still miss it.

  13. Addie says:

    I agree w/Tom…the BEST cream puffs ever!!!

  14. Stephen says:

    In the mid-fifties we lived on Hillcrest Drive in Los Angeles. My mother had an account with Harry, our Helmsman. One day I flagged down the truck two blocks from our apartment at Hillcrest Drive Elementary school and ordered doughnuts for all my friends (on mom’s account, of course). I can still feel my backside stinging over that little transaction. In the sixty some years since those days I’ve never been able to find another bakery up to the Helms lemon tarts — my favorite to this day!

  15. Bill Keefer says:

    I lived in Azusa, CA. 1960 thru 1964 at Azusa High School, the Helms truck stopped by every week, good smells, memories, and goodies. I did a youtube video with the actual Helms Truck whistle. Just search Helms Bakery Truck Whistle and enjoy the sound and memories of the magic whistle.

  16. C. Clarke says:

    I lived on harrison in pomona late 60s. The 63 GMC mustard yellow truck filled with the smells of heaven. The truck had an awning hanging over the back doors to shield you from the sun. The best memory from my childhood. I am looking for a truck now to restore. Look for me someday delivering in ur hood. Free donuts just to enjoy and relive the memory.

  17. I was raised in Culver City and, lucky for me, my Mom worked at Helms Bakery. She used to bring home bags of broken cookies for the family. They tasted just as yummy as the whole ones!

  18. Mike says:

    Like Stephen we lived in Baldwin Hills in the early 60′s. I came home from school hungry and alone (unusual) one day and stopped the Helms truck, informing him that my Mom wanted a 1/2 dozen glazed donuts (not true). I wolfed them down before anyone else got home. Oh to be a Jr. Higher again…

  19. jgnewman says:

    In the 50′s one of the greatest treats was when the Helmsman stopped on our street and opened the back of his truck and then…. he opened the drawers and the heavenly aroma of baked goodies flowed out. The smell was probably better than the taste to this little girl.

  20. Having been born & raised in Culver City – I still vividly & fondly remember the familiar whistle of the Helmsman … when we lived on Duquesne & then when we moved to Elenda St.

    The BIG treat was when I had saved enuf $ to buy a cream puff or chocolate eclair… our usual treat was a glazed or sugar donut… if I/we had no $ the Helmsman would usually give me/us a free cookie !

    When we were in high school (CCHS) Helms Bakery would hire a few of us guys to work on the BUSY holidays (Easter – Thanksgiving & Xmas)… our jobs were basic labor/janitorial gigs (sweeping the bakery floors – etc)– our BIG “perk” was – they told us we could eat “ALL the donuts – bakery goods – we wanted – for FREE = on our breaks ! — after the 1st or 2nd break – U were soooo stuffed & sick of that sweet stuff that U had craved… they had ‘cured’ U !!! LOL !! )

    Several parents of friends of mine worked at Helms = it was a great place to work … til’ the union “busted” the non-union shop… Paul Helms then “shut the doors” !

    When we lived in Ojai – a friend of mine (in the 90z) bought an olde original Helms truck (like in this vid) …he restored olde cars n’ trux… he had NO idea what this “thing” was or anything about Helms Bakery !! — when I told him he got sooo excited… I contacted an olde friend in Culver City who spent her entire career at Helms and told her about Ken’s truck – she had me/him tow it down to C.C. to the annual Helms retiree picnic… they went nuts over it !! & told us all kinds of tales about the bakery in the 30z-40z-50z…

    Helms Bread was reknown as ” Helms Olympic Bread ” = it was the official bread of the Olympic Games held in L.A.in the 1930z !!

  21. Arline T. says:

    I grew up in Culver City in the late 40′s early 50′s. I remember the Helm’s truck vividly. Hearing the horn on this video really brought back memories. I used to get a bear claw. My Blue Bird group took a tour of the Bakery and we each received a little bag of chocolate chip cookies afterwards. Wow, that’s a memory from over 60 years ago!

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