EVENT – Limited tickets left for our LA River Tour!


Above, a teaser from the upcoming movie ROCK THE BOAT.


755092502Learn about the past, present and future of the mighty (!?) L.A. River, PLUS enjoy some fantastic tacos and cream puffs along the way

*This tour is perfect for people of all ages who would like to learn more about the river that once brought fresh water to Los Angeles*

Difficult as it is for Angelenos or anyone else to believe, the Los Angeles River was once a very real flowing river, along the banks of which the city was founded. In 1781, 44 people (Los Pobladores) traveled from Sonora, Mexico to settle along its West bank. For more than 100 years, this 51 mile long river was the sole source of water for the city that grew around it.

Have you ever *really* seen the LA River? Do you ACTUALLY know anything about it? Sure, maybe you’ve passed a concrete slab with an LA River sign… but have you seen where it flows? Do you know the *true* stories of the river’s past and present beyond the fictional details you remember from seeing Chinatown? And what about its future? Sure, everyone in Los Angeles has seen the LA River, and many have heard that it’s being revitalized. But who knows where and what exactly is happening on its banks? There’s much more to the story than meets the eye as you pass from a speeding car while commuting.

On this tour, we’ll walk and drive along the river, as we talk about its central role in the city’s history and the necessity of the ambitious revitalization to LA’s future. The tour convenes at the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens (570 W Ave. 26, near the 5/110 – DIRECTIONS HERE), where we form car pools, and stops at the gorgeous Sepulveda Basin (San Fernando Valley), new parks in the Glendale Narrows (across from Griffith Park), the historic Arroyo Seco confluence, the Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka the Cornfield) in Chinatown, and the industrial downtown location that everyone’s seen in movies and on TV.

We’ll eat lunch at an excellent taqueria en route (or you can bring your own), and end with an optional stop at the world’s best cream puff shop, in Little Tokyo.

Led by Jenny Price. Group rate available. Bring snacks and water and shoes that can get just a little wet (optional).  Dogs welcome. Spaces limited. TOUR BEGINS PROMPTLY.

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11 Responses to “EVENT – Limited tickets left for our LA River Tour!”

  1. sjm says:

    Great tour, but why so expensive?

    • lynnster says:

      As someone who gave tours of LA for many years, I can tell you that $25 is actually a minimal fee for a day long tour. It’s the exact same price as the tours given by the Friends of the LA River. We cut the costs by making it a carpool tour, otherwise we would have to hire a bus. If you look around, standard rates for full day tours with companies like Esotouric and such consistently run $35-70.

      • Meghan says:

        Considering up until recently Friends of the LA River were doing river walks for a suggested five dollar donation, $25 is expensive. I guess whoever was volunteering their time at Folar lost interest.

        • lynnster says:

          Jenny Price is our river tour guide and has done them for ten years. She has always charged $25 and is the same person who did tours for FOLAR. She was never a volunteer. Thing is, because FOLAR was preaching to the converted the tours were very small and so they couldn’t afford to do them any longer. They couldn’t pay for themselves and the people involved have to eat and pay for administrative costs. This is why I took the tours over, so that more people would be aware of them and that they could continue.

          I’m not sure where you got your information about FOLAR doing $5 tours, but if you were referring to the in-depth carpool tours that FOLAR was offering, those are the same tours we’re doing for the same price, with the same routes and guide.

          • Perias Pillay says:

            FOLAR did charge $25 ($18, I think, for members) for their occasional carpool tours of the LA River, but Meghan is also right – there were monthly monthly walking tours of segments of the river for just $5 (free for members).

          • lynnster says:

            My understanding is that those walking tours were very different than these full-day tours.

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  3. Chris says:

    Was this on the 18th of July!? If it was i missed it :( When is the next one?

    • lynnster says:

      We had it on the 18th of July and then planned two more… one for August 22nd and one for August 29th. All have sold out. We’ve mainly been discussing stuff on Facebook lately, so I’m sorry I didn’t put it here.

      We are going to try to plan at least two a month for as long as there’s demand, though.

  4. Carolyn says:

    How far in advance do you announce the tour dates? I’ll be in L.A. on October 30th and would love to take this tour.

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