CUTE OVERDOSE* – Ollie The Otter

*Yep, not just an overload… this is an overdose! :)

On Thursday I decided to take some time away from the internet to drive down to Long Beach. The Aquarium of The Pacific was nice enough to invite me to meet their new resident, a 3 month old rescued otter named Ollie and I figured there was no way that could possibly be a bad way to spend a morning. When you say “Wanna meet a cute baby animal?” I tend to say, “Yes, please.”

Ollie weighed only about five pounds when she was rescued off of the coast of Santa Cruz. She was up to ten pounds when first brought to Long Beach, and is now a chubby 18 pounds. The girl clearly has clearly gained an appetite. You’ll note that in the photos she stays very close to the handler’s boots… this is because she thinks the boots are her mother. When she’s too far from them for too long she tends to cry a bit (apparently she has a lot in common with my dog). Separation anxiety didn’t keep Ollie from hurrying over to inspect any camera she saw, though… she was very curious to figure out what they were (see the last photo). Awwwww.

Ollie won’t be on public display until Fall of 2011, but the Aquarium is currently offering Behind The Scenes Tours where you might get a chance to hang out with her for yourself.

Ollie the otter
Ollie thinks the boots are her mother
Ollie is very curious about cameras

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2 Responses to “CUTE OVERDOSE* – Ollie The Otter”

  1. DianaB says:

    Here’s an entry on another of the Aquarium’s cute li’l otters:

  2. Thanks for sharing this experience! I can’t wait to meet her. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

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