COOL STUFF – Hangin’ Out With Blue Whales!


That animal is HUGE!!! Yesterday, thanks to Aquarium of the Pacific & Harbor Breeze Cruises we got a chance to see the largest animal in the world, right off the coast of Palos Verdes… so of COURSE we jumped at the chance! They are debuting a new whale-listening device on their daily boat excursions and invited HiddenLA to tag along. Having never been whale watching in my life, I invited one of our beloved Facebook fans (Cindy and her totally awesome little six year old daughter) to join me on the maiden voyage.

Dolphins playing Moments after we ran into a school of playful dolphin, we found ourselves sharing water with a blue whale as promised – one of only 2,000 in existence. It was amazing to realize that the creature I was looking at is larger than any dinosaur that ever existed. Scroll down and check out our photo gallery!

If you’re interested in seeing blue whales for yourself, they’re out there so now’s the time! Details below.

WHAT: Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze Cruises three and a half hour whale watch excursion with Aquarium experts
WHEN: Daily at 11:30am & 3:00pm
PRICE: $62.95 adult 12+, $54.95 senior 62+, $38.95 child (includes whale watch & Aquarium admission). Combo ticket is available for purchase on-site at Aquarium of the Pacific and may be purchased in advance by calling 562-590-3100
DETAILS: Guests are now able to listen to the whales they see, and can learn more about whale communication through the Aquarium’s “Whales: Voices in the Sea” interactive kiosk exhibit featuring the largest and smallest whales on the planet—the blue whale and the vaquita. More information here.

On a boat for the first time! :) I see a fin! Yay! Hey! Looks like a dolphin! More dolphins! Dolphins playing The dolphins started racing the boat. Playing dolphins Dolphins There is our blue whale! Thar she blows! Blue whale from the back Getting ready to dive Diving This is the hardest shot to get... the tail was only visible for a millisecond! A local high school girl was doing a video report on the whales. Cindy was nice enough to let the girl interview her. Camera shy. :)

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2 Responses to “COOL STUFF – Hangin’ Out With Blue Whales!”

  1. Denis Faye says:

    It was pretty amazing, huh? I took my kayak out and paddled around with them for a couple hours, which was an even cheaper way of doing it, I’m thinking.

    Of course, I could hardly move my arms the next day.

    • lynnster says:

      Probably not a great idea to do that on a whole. It’s dangerous to get that close to them, they’re gigantic and if you get too close when they dive you could be in some serious trouble. (Plus they’re endangered animals…)

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