CONTEST UPDATE – The Photo Scavengers Are On The Move!!!

12/20 UPDATE: WOOO HOOO! The contest was awesome and it’s hard to pick a winner so we haven’t announced one yet… but here’s the answer to where the mural is: PAPA CRISTO!!! Aaaaand, we’re adding more prizes to the booty (yeah, I said booty), so stay tuned!!!


Yes, we KNOW our contest to win a helicopter ride over the Channel Islands is a tough one… that’s the point! And although we’re giving y’all more clues every day, the challenge sure didn’t stop some of our more industrious fans from figuring it out and gettin’ ‘er done!

Okay, so here’s what we’ve established so far about where this fantabulous mural is located:

  1. It’s indoors.
  2. It’s inside a restaurant.
  3. Hmmm… what are those culinary quintuplets making? Is it Armenian food? Is it Lebanese food? Or wait a minnit… could it be something else???
  4. The location is visible on today’s even smaller map.
  5. Quit readin’ this and go take yer photo! :D

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7 Responses to “CONTEST UPDATE – The Photo Scavengers Are On The Move!!!”

  1. lynnster says:

    It kinda looks like the lady is slicing his hand with a knife… :)

  2. Karol says:

    My sister called from Wisconsin, she really wants this helicopter ride when she comes to los angeles so we have been researching every image of any greek restaurant, kabob, women, aprons, chicken, gyro, knife, from one end of LA county to another. My camera is ready and we have no where to go :o(

  3. Karol says:

    Woo Hoooo!! Ok found it, now have to see if we can get over there before Sunday!!

  4. Bonhomie says:

    That first one is great, I didn’t even realize at first the two guys in front are not part of the mural!

  5. Yvette says:

    Could we please have one more last minute CLUE!!!

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