YouTube Preview ImageMmmm!!!!! Frog ovary dessert soup!Do you have a hearty appetite for the obscure? Have you a hankering to devour delicacies that would send most people running? When you see bugs in the yard, do you wonder how they would taste with a little salt and pepper? Well then, you actually just sound kinda weird… but hey, if you’re ready to clean your plate no matter what odd ethnic delicacies are piled upon it, WE NEED YOU! (Scroll down for full details.) Please send a video link, photo or well-written narrative to with “BIZARRE” in the subject header and convince us that you are THE CHOSEN STOMACH!!! Contest submissions will be accepted until midnight on Tuesday, April 13th.

HiddenLA is looking for someone with a strong constitution to represent us in Six Taste Tours’ upcoming Bizarre Food Tour Challenge!!! The event begins on April 17th at 10:30am in San Gabriel Square and tickets are normally $40. The challenge is sold out, but they’ve saved ONE SEAT for a HiddenLA fan (YOU?) and we gotta pick someone who will make us proud. No lightweights need apply! The culinary delights you’ll be introduced to aren’t for the faint of tummy!!!

Eat outside the box and join Six Taste on a Bizarre Food Tour Challenge. Taking place in San Gabriel Valley: The New Chinatown, participants will get to try several ‘bizarre’ dishes made by some of the best Chinese cooks in Greater Los Angeles County. Sample jellyfish, frog ovaries, crocodile, stinky tofu and more – this is an opportunity to expand your palate and challenge preconceived notions of what belongs on your plate. Participants will be challenged to clean their plate at every stop. Those that finish will get a Six Taste certificate of achievement and a place on our website hall of fame.

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10 Responses to “CONTEST – Are you THE CHOSEN STOMACH???”

  1. brian says:

    I grew up eating this stuff! bring it on!

  2. wow. says:

    whattup, xenophobia. is this really coming out of los angeles???

    • lynnster says:

      Wow. Xenophobia? Are you KIDDING? I’ve been to 32 countries and am a giant student of other cultures (I even took Arabic for two years) but that doesn’t mean I have a strong stomach for everything. Way to be judgmental.

  3. a) I am available that late morning and early afternoon.
    b) I like food.
    c) I have eaten: snake (Boy Scout desert survival), frog legs and rabbit (French restaurants), tripe (menudo), skate wings (Korean restaurant), Limburger and Stilton cheeses (England), unknown fish products (Greece), something cooked in squid ink (Pasadena), durian (cannot recall where), locusts in honey (in junior high school), and wife made me a skep (beehive) shaped birthday cake with Reese’s baby bees pressed into the frosting.

    818-995-4367 (24/7) office number that rings at home as well

  4. Jordan says:

    Well, the list includes cougar,buffalo, bear, octapus, frogs legs,organ meats – liver,heart,brains, gonads(aka bull testacles), sheep stomach(Tripe),Tongue, soft shelled crab, wilks, escargo, shark, rabbit,pheasant,deer, elk, moose, lamb, mutton, goat, and even beetles at the Thai market – not much I have not tried and I generally can ‘swallow’ just about everything even if I have a change of heart part way into the experience. Hey, I am Scottish what can I say, waste not want not!!
    Try me!!

  5. Valentino says:

    Lynnster, this is right up my alley! I scour the countryside, searching high and low for that fascinating culinary adventure waiting just under the radar. I love foods that Western culture finds “bizarre” and live for the next “trippy food”. I don’t know if this is the kind of challenge you win, but I’m excited about the possibility of participating. Life’s a journey, not a destination, and food should be treated the same way. I’m all in! I already sent my e-mail with a link to my blog article on eating rooster testicles… I’m looking forward to this golden culinary opportunity!

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