It’s TRUE! Hidden LA’s gonna be on TODAY!

We’ll be hosting a fun trivia game where Kathie Lee gives prizes to the audience.
YOU GUYS KNOW L.A. TRIVIA!!! You can *nail* this!

Please join us for the taping. I plan to be drunk. Just like Kathie Lee. :)

Our Segment will air on February 13th at 10:30am on NBC.

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hLA Highlights ISSUE 3: August 5, 2011

Click on the image below and you’ll be taken to ISSUE THREE of HiddenLA Highlights! TO SUBSCRIBE, CLICK HERE!!!

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HiddenLA Highlights ISSUE TWO: July 29, 2011

Click on the image below and you’ll be taken to ISSUE TWO of HiddenLA Highlights! TO SUBSCRIBE, CLICK HERE!!!

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HiddenLA Highlights ISSUE ONE: July 22, 2011

Click on the thumbnail below right and you’ll be taken to ISSUE ONE of HiddenLA Highlights! TO SUBSCRIBE, CLICK HERE!!!

Sorry we haven’t posted on here in a while, but there’s a good reason. I’ve been SO swamped with events and moderating our Facebook presence, it became hard to keep posting on our WP blog on top of all of the other workload. SOOOOO, we’ve decided to try something new to cover all of the bases… a weekly newsletter to talk about *ALL* of our goings on in one place!

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SIGN-UP!!! – Discover Little Tokyo with us @CicLAvia!!

This Sunday April 10, CicLAvia and the City of Los Angeles will be working together to create a special car-free day for Angelenos! 7.5 blocks of city roads, from Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights all the way to LACC, will be blocked off and dedicated to bicyclists, pedestrians, skateboarders, roller skaters, and scavenger hunters in free t-shirts! If you scroll down, the latter could be you! :)

A little about CicLAvia: “Inspired by Ciclovía, the original, weekly street closure event in Bogotá, Colombia, CicLAvia opens LA streets to pedestrians and bicyclists, creating a temporary web of public space on which residents of Los Angeles can walk, bike, socialize, celebrate and learn more about their own city. On 4/10/11, 7.5 miles of roadways will temporarily close to car traffic and open for recreational purposes. From Boyle Heights to Downtown, MacArthur Park to East Hollywood, CicLAvia encourages Angelenos to not only make active use of their streets, but to rediscover the roadways and neighborhoods that too often go unnoticed in a car. Help open LA’s streets… take part in the second CicLAvia on 4/10/11.”

We will be doing two scavenger hunts in Little Tokyo this Sunday… one will be a bit harder, with clues in the form of aiku that point to locations. The second hunt will be for families, with photos and clues of places and things you must try to locate. To participate, teams of 2-4 must check in at the FamilyFinds table between 10-11am, which will be located in the courtard in front of the Japanese American Museum. The hunt will officially begin at 11am and finish by 2pm. If you’d like to do advance sign-up, please fill out this form (you still must check in to get your clues). General rules for the hunt are at the bottom of this post.


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GIVEAWAY! – Visit Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village *OVER*

We’re giving away five pairs of tickets to Sunday’s Open House at Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village in Simi Valley! Three pairs will go to the general public and two to beloved hiddenLA Extra members! Just be the first to submit the form and answer the trivia question below! Good luck! :)

YouTube Preview Image

View Larger Map

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HO HO HO!!! (Or whatever.)

Hey folks… so this has been a fun week. We’ve given away helicopter tours and Greek dinners and we’re *just* about to finally give away “New Year’s Eve for Two” at the Queen Mary. Before I go any further, I have to thank the people who joined hiddenLA EXTRA so far because EVERYTHING WE’VE DONE OVER THE PAST TWO WEEKS WAS FUNDED BY hLA EXTRA FANS. The fact of the matter is, the more people who join, the more benefits I can give you. Without your support, I can’t do nearly as much good stuff… it’s a looot of work. And I really love doing this stuff for you so your support is not only needed but sincerely appreciated… and you are the people who benefit the most!

So on that note I wanted to bring to your attention THREE THINGS:

1. The hiddenLA EXTRA member benefits are growing every week… AND HEY!!! Why not use your membership to help you afford A UNIQUE CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR SOMEONE??? We have THREE active discounts available to you right now:
2 FOR 1 on any L.A. Conservancy Tour
$15 OFF on a Dearly Departed Tour
30% OFF on any Six Taste Food Tour
(We’re also going to be adding Cinefamily memberships and a whooole bunch of other random stuff to the list in the coming weeks, with the goal of having hundreds of discounts available by this time next year.)

2. hiddenLA EXTRA memberships can also be given as a cheap present (just $8 for 6 months and $12 for a year!)… so either join up on their behalf or just PayPal the membership fees to and then send an e-mail to confirm who you would like the gift given to. You’ll get a nice personalized pdf certificate that you can either put into an envelope or e-mail to them. Because I’m sweet like that. :)

3. A number of you have signed up to be on the hLA general mailing list thinking that made them hiddenLA EXTRA members… thing is, y’all forgot to fill out the ever important “step four.” See, paying the $8-12 is what puts you on a list that’s different than the ones the Viagra spammers are all on… and it’s what will make you eligible for the discounts and giveaways. So be aware… if you can’t access the discount codes and aren’t winning any prizes, that’ll be why.

Aaaaand with that, here’s Cowgirl Ann again for your holiday listening pleasure. :)
YouTube Preview Image

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The Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater

12% OFF ON A YEAR MEMBERSHIP (Save $33, Pay $242)
10% OFF ON 6 MONTH MEMBERSHIP (Save $15, Pay $135)
8% OFF ON 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP (Save $7, Pay $83)
STATUS: Active
TO PURCHASE: Click purchase buttons below
Every Cinefamily member gets: FREE ADMISSION to *all* programming; $4 DISCOUNT on Special Events; and invitations to MEMBERS-ONLY SCREENINGS! Purchase via buttons on link above. | HLA DEAL REF: CF042011

YEARLY, $242

6 MONTH, $135

3-MONTH, $83


Dearly Departed Tours

STATUS: Active
Input code online during purchase.
If code doesn’t work, call (800) 979-3370. | DDT121210


Los Angeles Conservancy

STATUS: Active
Input code online during purchase. | LAC122110


Six Taste Food Tours

DISCOUNT: 30% OFF any tour
STATUS: Active
Input code online during purchase. | ST122010

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CONTEST – Go outside and win a Helicopter Ride!

12/20 UPDATE: WOOO HOOO! The contest was awesome and it’s hard to pick a winner so we haven’t announced one yet… but here’s the answer to where the mural is: PAPA CRISTO!!! Aaaaand, we’re adding more prizes to the booty (yeah, I said booty), so stay tuned!!!


First off, a HUGE shoutout of thanks to the people who splurged the whole buck a month for HiddenLA EXTRA subscriptions this week! Without you guys supporting this site, this contest wouldn’t happen!

I decided in the end to make this one open to everyone and to make the contest more labor intensive since the prize is bigger. Since the main goal of this site is to make people go outside and get away from the computer, that’s what you’re going to have to do to win: (more…)

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Today’s special discount is for the always fantastic Dearly Departed Tragical History Tours!

Haven’t joined hiddenLA EXTRA yet? Well, you’ll get the membership price back in one fell swoop today with $15 off of any tour using the discount code at the bottom of this post (their online booking fee is still $2). Nothing tragic about that!

Tell Scott we said hello!
YouTube Preview Image


If the code doesn't work for you, just call 800 979 3370
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RESOURCE – The Los Angeles Heritage Portal

As someone whose family arrived here over a century ago, I’m all about showing the world that Los Angeles is indeed a place filled with history and culture. And now I’m thrilled to see that and the Los Angeles Heritage Alliance (LAHA) have just joined forces to created a fantastic resource that will make that task a lot easier!!!  

I hereby introduce you to: The Los Angeles Heritage Portal!

“…it’s sometimes easy to take for granted the deep history and heritage of L.A. – history that is still alive today. This is why, along with our partners at the Los Angeles Heritage Alliance (LAHA), are excited to announce the new L.A. Heritage Portal. At this portal, you’ll be able to find in one location all the events taking place year-round throughout L.A. County (as well as other parts of the SoCal region) that celebrate over 250 years of history and culture. You can find everything from re-enactments, to exhibitions, to walking tours, to historic food tastings, architecture and lots more. It is our hope that through this portal, history fanatics, visitors, and all residents of L.A. County can discover (or re-discover) and come to appreciate our past, and the many groups dedicated to preserving it for future generations.” (SOURCE)


LA Heritage Portal

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VIDEO – Huell Howser Sings. AmAAAYzing!!!

By Tennessee drawl alone, it’s pretty clear to all of us he didn’t technically *start* from California, but I’m sure we’ll all agree Huell Howser has definitely proven he kinda likes it here. Anyhow, this music video will be a sight to behold for all of you California Gold fans. Enjoy. (Scroll down for info about the clip.)   

Oh, and while we’re on the topic… behold the best shirt ever.

YouTube Preview Image 

Huell’s television first!!! Will it be a hit or will dogs be howling all over our viewing area? Will Huell be the next recording star to come out of Nashville? 

Well, after his visit to the Musicians Institute (Visiting episode #1805), Huell was so inspired that he grabbed the mic and recorded his own version of “California, Here I Come” accompanied by the students who also produced the rock video.

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EVENT – Limited tickets left for our LA River Tour!


Above, a teaser from the upcoming movie ROCK THE BOAT.


755092502Learn about the past, present and future of the mighty (!?) L.A. River, PLUS enjoy some fantastic tacos and cream puffs along the way

*This tour is perfect for people of all ages who would like to learn more about the river that once brought fresh water to Los Angeles*

Difficult as it is for Angelenos or anyone else to believe, the Los Angeles River was once a very real flowing river, along the banks of which the city was founded. In 1781, 44 people (Los Pobladores) traveled from Sonora, Mexico to settle along its West bank. For more than 100 years, this 51 mile long river was the sole source of water for the city that grew around it.

Have you ever *really* seen the LA River? Do you ACTUALLY know anything about it? Sure, maybe you’ve passed a concrete slab with an LA River sign… but have you seen where it flows? Do you know the *true* stories of the river’s past and present beyond the fictional details you remember from seeing Chinatown? And what about its future? Sure, everyone in Los Angeles has seen the LA River, and many have heard that it’s being revitalized. But who knows where and what exactly is happening on its banks? There’s much more to the story than meets the eye as you pass from a speeding car while commuting. (more…)

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INVITE – PLEASE Come to Our First Birthday Party!!!

SADLY, due to an illness in my family and strangely low ticket sales and an apparent fear of puppets, the birthday party was cancelled. Hopefully we’ll reschedule it again for a future date. :) Thanks to everyone!!!


This is going to be SUCH a fun event, I can’t wait for you all to join us! For what you would normally pay for two martinis at Musso & Franks, you’ll get a night of BORDER GRILL TRUCK FOOD, DRINKS, CAKE, AND A PIECE OF LA HISTORY! Also, think of it this way… besides having fun, your birthday gift to us will helping us to support the Bob Baker Marionette Theater which is really struggling right now.

What better way to spend an evening than marionettes, alcohol, tacos and birthday cake!?

All tickets include:

  • Pre-show mixer sponsored by Karlsson’s Vodka
  • Admission to Bob Baker’s “It’s A Musical World” Marionette Show
  • Ice Cream and Birthday Cake from Hansen’s Cakes
  • Full post-show catering and sangria provided by The Border Grill Truck
  • Gourmet soft drinks from Gus’ Grown Up Soda
  • Plus… who knows what else! :)

PLEASE come to our birthday party! Pretty please!???

Note: If you use the discount “BROKEPEOPLE” you’ll get the tickets at cost. $30!!! Woo hoo!!!



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YAY! – HiddenLA Made The Times!

A huge thank you to LA TImes Technology Writer Mark Milian for this nice article about HLA and our Facebook pages! Fantabulous! :)


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HLA EVENT – ¡Margaritas & Mexican Wrestling Night!


We’ve not been posting much lately outside of Facebook, but that’s because we’ve been working on some great stuff for the summer. Here’s just a sample… tickets are now officially available for our first Passport to Mexico ¡Margaritas and Mexican Wrestling Night!

The event will be on Sunday, May 30th from 7-10pm and the $27 ticket price include a few drinks, appetizers, and chunky Mexican guys in spandex costumes. What more could you want on a Sunday night, I ask? Nada, you answer!!! :)

To purchase tickets, click here!

Note: Since this is the first time we’ve done this event we are currently limiting the available tickets to 30. We might open up more slots closer to the date, if possible. We would like to do these kinds of events regularly in the future and just want to make sure we’re always planning each one to run as smoothly and enjoyably as possible for everyone.
passport to mexico

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AY DIOS MIO! – The Lucha Lords

LUCHAAs previously mentioned, many aspects of Mexican culture are very close to my heart… so when Andrew from Lucha Lords invited us to watch underground Mexican Wrestling on Sunday I was all for it. I may be a girly girl in some ways, but I love that stuff.

It was an evening of authentic entertainment featuring exactly what I was hoping for… a variety of (often pot-bellied) men in wacky spandex ensembles and masks playing out testosterone-fueled soap operas and combined displays of pain both very real and very faked. My favorite rivalry was between a large man dressed up like Tweety Bird and his archnemesis, a wrestler who looked like a reject from a community theater production of CATS. (Sadly, Tweety lost.) There are no hipster burlesque shows or fanciness to these events (or English, for that matter)… just Lucha Libre at its core, in a room filled with family members cheering on their favorites (sometimes with a bullhorn).
Hosted in a community hall behind a grungy cafe on 7th Street, Lucha Lords feels like the purest form of the spectacle… and it was easy to forget we were still in Los Angeles. It was 100% pure macho cheesy entertainment and one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while. Thanks Andrew! By the way, if you’re up for the adventure the Lucha Lords generally do their thing on Sundays from 7-10pm, but check the web site for full information.

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VIDEO – One Sunday in Los Angeles

Here’s a cool video by HiddenLA fan and devoted LA Kings podcaster Chris Kaliszewski.

Happy Sunday, everybody! :)

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OUR FIRST 3-D POST!!! – Jack Laxer at the Getty


stereopticon_smWHAT: Photography in 3-D: Capturing the Built Environment, Photography by Jack Laxer
WHEN: Sunday, April 11, 2010, 3:30pm – 5:30pm
WHERE: Getty Center, Museum Lecture Hall
COST: Course fee $15 (includes 3-D glasses and parking); reservations required. Call (310) 440-7300

My grandmother owned a stereopticon, and as a child I was fascinated by it. I still have it, and it looks *just* like the contraption on the right. Basically, during the early days of photography the stereopticon was an invention that helped people of the late 19th century collect the sights of the world without leaving home… a magical machine displaying the most exotic wonders of the world in 3D so people could fantasize about being there in person. 3D may be all the rage when it comes to watching movies right now, but the art of 3D photography is still more amazing to me somehow.
The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jack Laxer who will be showing his master 3D/stereo photography of Modernist architecture at the Getty this Sunday (complete with 3D glasses provided!) . When he was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to feature some of his work on HiddenLA this week, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it justice but I knew I was up to the challenge. Since I can’t exactly hand out stereopticans to all of you, I decided to try turning them into animated gifs… and it actually kinda works! Obviously the effect will be much better if you go to his Getty event and check out his work in person with 3D glasses on your face, but this’ll give you a taste. One warning though… before you click on the thumbnails below, just please be sure you aren’t epileptic. Oh, and just know if you haven’t had coffee yet, you probably won’t need any after viewing them. ;)

CLICK ON THUMBNAILS BELOW FOR ANIMATED GIFSThe Huddle in Palm Springs, a long-gone coffee shop Denny's in Colton The Holiday Bowl

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EVENT – An April Fool’s Day Fundraiser for ModCom

shine WHAT: April Fool’s Day Fundraiser benefiting the LA Conservancy Modern Committee (aka ModCom).

WHERE: The most uniquely awesome shop in Farmer’s Market… The Shine Gallery! 6333 W. 3rd St., #134, (323) 954-4700

WHEN: Thursday, April 1st, 7-9pm

COST: Freeee! 30% of all sales made during the event will go directly to benefit ModCom.


Owner Bernie Shine is an eclectic and eccentric collector, a treasure hunter of sorts. But he does not seek sunken ships, buried treasures, or archeological ruins. Rather he recovers GENUINE VINTAGE MEMORABILIA from dusty warehouses, old factories, and closed stores. He searches the world over for quantity finds from bygone eras, all in unused condition.

Shine Gallery is a collector’s paradise for bona fide period items mostly from the 1910s through the 1950s, all guaranteed to be AUTHENTIC & VINTAGE. Named by Los Angeles Magazine as Best of LA® 2009.

Bernie will be presenting an amusing look at the history of joyful junk, featuring vintage jokes, novelties, tricks, pranks, prizes, trinkets & treasures from the incredible inventory of Shine Gallery.

Please join us at Shine Gallery on Thursday, April 1, 2010, between 7 PM and 9:00 PM for this special meet and greet. Shine Gallery will donate 30% of gross sales made during this event to the Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee. It’s a FUN FUNDRAISER!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE . . .they have a FREE gift for the first 50 guests, a mystery GRAB BAG containing a genuine vintage item from Shine Gallery! Lots of FUN and SURPRISES!

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HLA EVENT – Be Our Accomplice!

What would Neil Patrick Harris do? Well, we can guarantee you that he would tell you to read the following post very carefully and do *exactly* as it says within the next four days, and nobody will get hurt…

accompliceHiddenLA and the wonderful people of Accomplice would like to invite you to join us and experience one of the most fun things going on the streets of Hollywood! (Scroll down to read more information.)

For the next four days (March 22-25), use the code HIDDENLA during checkout for a $20 discount on each ticket. While the discount code is valid for any future date, Sunday, April 11th is Accomplice’s official Hidden Los Angeles Day. For that date, Accomplice will ONLY be accepting reservations from HiddenLA fans… 80 people in all. Tickets should go fast so hurry up and RSVP! The show itself features light drinks and food, but we’ll be holding a no-host day-long cocktail gathering for all our participating HLA fans to hang out together and share their experiences when the show is over! Good times. No, seriously, this will definitely be good times. NPH wouldn’t steer you wrong and neither would we. (more…)

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EVENT – LA Heritage Day

LAHD+2010+FlyerWHEN: Sunday, April 11th, 2010, 11am-4pm
WHERE: Heritage Square Museum, 3800 Homer Street
COST: Free admission if you download the flyer (you can also click on the image at right and print that) $5 without the flyer. Pink’s will be there, so bring some hot dog money too!

Feel like embracing some of the incredible history surrounding you? Here’s a great chance! On the 11th of April, the LA Heritage Alliance will be hosting the Third Annual LA Heritage Day. There will be tours of fantastic historic homes, a scavenger hunt, and a variety of presentations, readings, performances, and even cooking lessons!

“In an area sometimes perceived as having no ‘real’ history, L.A. Heritage Day is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about and enjoy the fascinating people, places and events that have shaped Southern California,” said Cindy Olnick, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Conservancy. “It is also a chance to learn about the incredible variety of local preservation groups, museums, libraries and historical societies serving today throughout Los Angeles County.”

Participating organizations include: The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles; American Cinemateque; Arroyo Arts Collective; Beverly Hills Historical Society; California Art Club; City of Los Angeles, Office of Historic Resources; Claremont Heritage; Culinary Historians of Southern California; Cultural Heritage Foundation of Southern California; Culver City Historical Society; Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum; Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society; Friends of La Laguna; Hancock Park / Windsor Square Historical Society; Highland Park Heritage Trust; Historic Adamson House/Malibu Lagoon Museum; Hollywood Heritage; the L.A. Historic Theatre Foundation; Lanterman House Museum; Las Angelitas del Pueblo; Leonis Adobe; Los Angeles City Historical Society; Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust; the Los Angeles Conservancy; Los Encinos Docent Association; Monterey Park City Historical Society; Montebello Historical Society; Muckenthaler Cultural Center; Olmsted District Preservation Association; Point Fermin Lighthouse; Pomona Heritage; Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site; San Fernando Valley Historical Society; Santa Monica Conservancy; Venice Historical Society; Whittier Conservancy; West Adams Heritage Association; Western Educators, Shooters, and Troopers; and William S. Hart Park and Museum

YouTube Preview Image

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EVENT – Avast! It’s Thursday Night Cocktails!!!

(Please RSVP there if you can so we know what to expect.)

WHEN: Thursday, February 25, 2010, 7:30-9:30pm
WHERE: HMS Bounty, 3357 Wilshire Blvd. (213) 385-7275

This week our HiddenLA soiree will be held at the ever-so-nautically-themed HMS Bounty on Wilshire! Ramon has been at the Bounty for over 40 years and especially in this crazy economy he’s looking very forward to our visit… so let’s be on our best behavior and PACK the joint! Where else in town can you sip cheap cocktails and munch on fried food while lounging in red leather booths bearing the names of impressive regulars from a long ago era… customers like Winston Churchill, William Randolph Hearst and Jack Webb? Nowhere else, that’s where!

Parking and historical information about the HMS Bounty after the jump.
YouTube Preview Image (more…)

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UPDATE – See y’all at 8pm at Musso & Frank!

Musso-Frank-MartinisTwo weeks ago we scheduled our first meetup at the Tonga Hut and 20 people showed up. It went so smoothly and was so fun that it was decided to hold a similar event every two weeks at a classic Los Angeles locale and another was scheduled for tonight at Musso & Frank. Originally figuring it would be another 20 people, last weekend I spoke to Musso’s about reserving a booth or two. Ha ha… that was so last week! On our Facebook invite alone we now have 54 people reserved to come and 54 maybes so those two booths would be a little crowded.

I don’t know how many people to truly expect, especially since a lot of people don’t have Facebook, but Jordan (the owner of Musso’s, who has been awesome!) and I have decided that we’re up for the challenge. Please bear with us if you show up and it gets crowded, we’re going to do everything we can to be ready for you. It’s just a strange situation, having our readership go up about 2,000% in one week. Not something that happens very often or that we were expecting.

Moral of the story, I hope to see you tonight. And if when you see me I look a little tired… well, just bear with me. It’s been a crazy week.

WHEN: Thursday, February 11, 2010, 8pm – 10pm
WHERE: Musso & Frank, 6667 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA  (more…)

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