AY DIOS MIO! – The Lucha Lords

LUCHAAs previously mentioned, many aspects of Mexican culture are very close to my heart… so when Andrew from Lucha Lords invited us to watch underground Mexican Wrestling on Sunday I was all for it. I may be a girly girl in some ways, but I love that stuff.


It was an evening of authentic entertainment featuring exactly what I was hoping for… a variety of (often pot-bellied) men in wacky spandex ensembles and masks playing out testosterone-fueled soap operas and combined displays of pain both very real and very faked. My favorite rivalry was between a large man dressed up like Tweety Bird and his archnemesis, a wrestler who looked like a reject from a community theater production of CATS. (Sadly, Tweety lost.) There are no hipster burlesque shows or fanciness to these events (or English, for that matter)… just Lucha Libre at its core, in a room filled with family members cheering on their favorites (sometimes with a bullhorn).

Hosted in a community hall behind a grungy cafe on 7th Street, Lucha Lords feels like the purest form of the spectacle… and it was easy to forget we were still in Los Angeles. It was 100% pure macho cheesy entertainment and one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while. Thanks Andrew! By the way, if you’re up for the adventure the Lucha Lords generally do their thing on Sundays from 7-10pm, but check the web site for full information.

 The crowd goes wild!!!The cow has the<s> udder</s> upper hand! Uh oh!!!Can you tell which people have a wrestler in their family?LL8


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3 Responses to “AY DIOS MIO! – The Lucha Lords”

  1. Johnny Socko says:

    Have you ever posted about or attended Lucha VaVoom, a true L.A. institution that mashes-up Mexican masked wrestling with burlesque? If not, why not?!

    (If you have, then please disregard… :P )


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