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IMAGERY – The Celery Merchants of Venice

You might not know this… but Venice, California was once a landscape of fields called “The Venice Celery District.”

CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEWS (Note: The captions you will see below were the original captions written for the photos when they were archived.)
©USC Digital Archive

Photograph of the ideal field of summer celery in the Venice Celery District, just before applying blanching paper, April 12, 1927. The rows of thick leaves of the celery plants form a congested square at center with a dark irrigation ditch in the foreground. A darker field lies on the far edge of the celery field on the right while another field lies on the far left. Hills stand in the background on the right while electrical poles spot a clearing of grass in the background on the left. “Note the regularity of the plant foliage.” (more…)

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VIDEO – OK Go in Echo Park

YouTube Preview Image
Just noticed… the location for the above OK Go video looks familar, no? And in true internet celebrity fashion, the persistent goose in the video now has a facebook page. No kiddin’.

If you’re the sole person who’s never seen this band’s videos before, check them out. I am clueless as to how these guys have the energy to tackle so many super clever and uniquely intricate video ideas *and* also make music.

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IMAGERY – The Los Angeles Wheelmen

Angelenos have had a passion for bicycling for longer than you might think. The image below was taken in Boyle Heights in 1893, about ten years after the bicycle chain was invented. Reformed in 1945, the Los Angeles Wheelmen bicycle riding club is still going strong, with multiple rides every week. There are far more than eleven members now. And don’t worry, I doubt they’re still wearing that fancy uniform. :)

The club’s ride schedule is here.

From their site:

“We are a group of bicyclists who enjoy the pleasure of riding with friends. We are not a racing club, and we welcome members of all abilities. We offer easier, moderate and difficult rides. We hold some multi-day trips, and in late June we offer the Grand Tour, a 24-hour ride of 120+, 200, 300 or 400 miles. At our social events, we make up for all the calories burned while riding. Our monthly newsletter, “The Gooseneck,” contains a descriptive ride schedule and much other news. Newcomers are welcome to try a few of our rides before deciding whether to join. Helmets are mandatory on all rides.”

©USC Digital Archive

Photographic portrait of the 11 Los Angeles Wheelmen posing as a group in cadet type uniforms at the East Side (Boyle Heights) track, October 3, 1893. “The Los Angeles wheelmen on the track include, left to right, standing — Jack Winters, John S. Thayer, Faye Stefenson, Phil Kitchen, W.J. Allen, E.S. Pauly, Tracy Hugh Rall, W.A. Tufts, and Walter Tyler; seated — Lord Gattensbury, A.D. Cummings, and Ernest Steuart, Paully.”

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IMAGERY – Buying The Lakers

The Lakers’ franchise was founded in Detroit Michigan in 1946. Upon moving to Minneapolis, the team got its official title from the state’s nickname, “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” After thirteen years, on April 28, 1960, attorney and trucking magnate Bob Short announced that the failing Minneapolis Lakers team would be moving to Los Angeles.

Below is a photograph of a deposit check written by Bloomingdale heir Alfred S. Bloomingdale in an attempt to purchase the team from Short for $700,000. Although this offer was refused, in 1962 Bloomingdale purchased 29% of the Lakers while Short still kept the majority share. The club was later sold to Jack Kent Cooke for $5 million in 1965.

“Letters and check, 3 April 1961. Negatives show a copy of an offer to buy the Los Angeles Lakers basketball club; Also a check for $100,000.00.”


©USC Digital ArchiveThe letter reads:

March 15, 1961

Mr. Alfred Bloomingdale
900 North LaCienega Boulevard
Los Angeles 46, California

Dear Mr. Bloomingdale:

Thank you for your letter of March 7. We are complimented to learn of your interest in the Los Angeles Lakers.

Your offer was carefully considered by those who hold a majority of the outstanding stock of the Corporation. Their position has not changed. The Lakers are not for sale. In the event that we are of a different mind at a later date, you will be contacted.

Your check is herewith returned. Thank you for your interest.

R. Short

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EVENT – It’s Grunion Night!!!!


43169Just so the directions ARE VERY CLEAR… we will be on the Malibu beach north of the pier. We *SHOULD* be the only people HANGING OUT WITH A GIANT FINDING NEMO PIÑATA.

View Larger Map


Tonight is our first grunion run!!!! Woo hooo!!!! Remember if you don’t have time to get a fishing license today you can’t bring the critters home… but a lot of people prefer catch and releasing anyhow.
It’s just a lovely night to hang out on a beach together! Sooo, we’re using mythical fish as an excuse… :)

Okay… so for everything you need to know about grunion runs… just check out the information from the Department of Fish & Game after the jump…

Please note, no dogs are allowed on the Malibu beach. We’re as sad about that as you are. (more…)

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IMAGERY – A Hazy Day in Malibu

Found myself in Malibu the other day and decided to pull out my camera and take a lazy stroll around The Adamson House property… here’s some of the stuff I saw. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. :)

signplaquelagoonsurfer1yarddoorbellflower (more…)

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MUST SEE TV – Things That Aren’t Here Anymore

This week, take the time to learn a LOT more about our local history by watching the fabulous KCET series Things That Aren’t Here Anymore. The latest episode, the third, will be airing on Thursday, June 10th at 8pm… but it looks like the previous episodes will be airing multiple times this week as well.

CHECK KCET’S PROGRAM SCHEDULE HERE and record these programs accordingly!
YouTube Preview Image

The series gives Angelenos a whole new sense of nostalgia and insight about this city we live in and the lives of the amazing people who have called Los Angeles home. Whether you’re remembering your own past or learning about the things you missed out on, it’s still great watching. Personally, besides reminding me of how many great things have happened here, Things That Aren’t Here Anymore also drives the point home of exactly why HiddenLA exists. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… while it may seem awesome to you that there are only two people in your favorite bar, it’s not great for the bar owner, especially during this economy. So if you don’t want to see your favorite places featured on Things That Aren’t Here Anymore #4… make a point to go outside today and spend every possible moment appreciating and discovering the great things this city offers.

Don’t keep the treasures of Los Angeles hidden… spread the word and support our current local businesses so they live a long time!

Image via“Thursday, June 10 at 8:00 p.m. KCET is broadcasting “Things That Aren’t Anymore 3.” Produced by Saul Gonzalez and co-producer Isaac Mizrahi, and narrated by Patt Morrison, it’s a pledge special celebrating L.A.’s treasured, but lost, places of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Stops include Pandora’s Box and Rodney’s English Disco on the Sunset Strip, Tail ‘o the Pup and Chasen’s restaurants, the Leimert Theater and that spawning ground of 80s Valley Girls, version 1.0 of the Sherman Oaks Galleria. The guests, who all share their memories and connections to these places, include Cherie Currie of The Runaways, KROQ’s Rodney Bingenheimer, L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti, and Ed Pearl, the owner and founder of The Ash Grove.”

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INVITE – PLEASE Come to Our First Birthday Party!!!

SADLY, due to an illness in my family and strangely low ticket sales and an apparent fear of puppets, the birthday party was cancelled. Hopefully we’ll reschedule it again for a future date. :) Thanks to everyone!!!


This is going to be SUCH a fun event, I can’t wait for you all to join us! For what you would normally pay for two martinis at Musso & Franks, you’ll get a night of BORDER GRILL TRUCK FOOD, DRINKS, CAKE, AND A PIECE OF LA HISTORY! Also, think of it this way… besides having fun, your birthday gift to us will helping us to support the Bob Baker Marionette Theater which is really struggling right now.

What better way to spend an evening than marionettes, alcohol, tacos and birthday cake!?

All tickets include:

  • Pre-show mixer sponsored by Karlsson’s Vodka
  • Admission to Bob Baker’s “It’s A Musical World” Marionette Show
  • Ice Cream and Birthday Cake from Hansen’s Cakes
  • Full post-show catering and sangria provided by The Border Grill Truck
  • Gourmet soft drinks from Gus’ Grown Up Soda
  • Plus… who knows what else! :)

PLEASE come to our birthday party! Pretty please!???

Note: If you use the discount “BROKEPEOPLE” you’ll get the tickets at cost. $30!!! Woo hoo!!!



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MATINEE – Confessions of a Superhero

Today, Los Angeles Magazine posted a feature on local “outsiders.” I recognized Harry Perry immediately of course, but when I saw the man in the tuxedo it took me a moment to register it as Dennis Woodruff… the lone cowboy-hatted, crazy car-owning man who once clamored for attention by yelling “Put me in your movie!” in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater long before the arrival of the smelly superheroes of Hollywood & Highland.

In the 1980s, Dennis Woodruff and Angelyne were the two most visible eccentrics on the streets of Hollywood… each determined to seize their 15 minutes of fame without offering any talent in return. My friends and I always got a good laugh out of sighting these strange local icons all over town, to us they were harmless eccentrics whose obsession with fame made us uncomfortable but caught our attention like a bad car accident. We just couldn’t look away… but we didn’t expect the “famous for nothing” path to become a goal for so many people in the future. We didn’t foresee that Angelyne would lead to Heidi Montag.

But I digress. Besides the Los Angeles Magazine article mentioned above, the topic of outsiders is prevalent today since it appears that there’s currently a serious crackdown on the previously mentioned smelly costumed characters of Hollywood Boulevard (or as KTLA painfully called it, a “Zorro Tolerance Policy” – click here for obligatory rimshot). Yes, it looks like there may be quite a few former Spidermen and Captain Jack Sparrows applying for barista jobs in the near future. So while I can’t say I’ll miss them much personally, in honor of these unique individuals we’re going to relive their former glory days by embedding the preview of Matt Ogen’s critically acclaimed documentary Confessions of a Superhero for your viewing pleasure today (a link is provided above to watch the whole film). Enjoy. :)

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CONTEST – Be Fred Rated!!!

Submission deadline: NOON ON FRIDAY, JUNE 11TH, 2010

Some of you may recall our article on Fred Rated commercials a while back. Well kids, on June 15th Fred Rated himself (Shadoe Stevens) along with the entire production team of those crazy ad spots will be hanging out with us and Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater! AND WE’VE GOT TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS TO THE 11PM SHOW TO GIVE AWAY!

Are you creative with video? Are you a giant ham with a penchant for electronic appliances? Well, just send us a file or youtube link of your best attempt to create YOUR VERY OWN version of a Fred Rated commercial! We will pick the two best. Not only will the winners get free tickets to the show, but we might just air your spot at the show and on our Facebook page! You’ll be a STAR, baby!!!! (more…)

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