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HiddenLA wishes everyone a relaxing Memorial Day.

I’ll be remembering my dad today… he was a plane mechanic in the Air Force who ended up becoming an aeronautical engineer. He was a lead designer of the C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft and a patriotic lover of planes and war movies until the day he died in 2008.

Miss ya, dad… you big goofball. :)

Thompson G. Garrett, Jr. (1933-2008)

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FOCUS – Self Help Graphics

By Mark Miller (Mark and Evonne, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for a special message.)

self help graphics tshirt designMany of you may not be aware of this embattled and historic local center for arts activism, but Self Help Graphics in East L.A. was the brain child of several artists including the late Sister Karen Boccalero, an Italian American, chain smoking Franciscan nun who had studied art in Rome. Sister Karen was apparently a force to be reckoned with. According to some who knew her she was loved, feared, reviled and adored, but never dismissed. Sister Karen had the moxy and the vision to tap into the emerging post 1960′s Chicano movement to bring about positive social change and empowerment through print making. The idea that she co-hatched in 1971 in an East LA garage endures as an important safe haven for artists, art students, and community groups. It’s a prestigous training ground for new and emerging print makers, and many artists who started there have gone on to national prominence. (more…)

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DISCOUNT – Touring the San Andreas Fault


WHAT: A road trip from LA! Tour the San Andreas Fault with Desert Adventures
: Indio, California about two hours east of L.A.
Normally their three hour off-road jeep tour of the San Andreas Fault costs $120 per person, which we realize isn’t exactly cheap for many of you. So for HiddenLA fans only, Desert Adventures will discount the price to $85 per person through September 30, 2010. Just purchase your tickets online and enter the discount code “HIDDENLA.”
TIPS: Don’t forget, the desert is hotter. We were there on a moderate day, but summer’s here. Desert Adventures will provide water but please be sure you lather on the sunscreen, wear comfy stuff and bring a hat.


A few weekends ago we decided to take a road trip to the desert. When I saw a groupon deal for a tour of the San Andreas Fault, I was intrigued. We’re supposed to be in “discovering new things” mode here at HiddenLA and since I hate earthquakes with every fiber of my being, I figured it might be a good way for me to learn more about them. Besides, who doesn’t need a road trip once in a while!? (more…)

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YAY! – HiddenLA Made The Times!

A huge thank you to LA TImes Technology Writer Mark Milian for this nice article about HLA and our Facebook pages! Fantabulous! :)


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IMAGERY – Compton Boulevard, circa 1885

©USC Digital Archive

View of Compton Boulevard looking west from Alameda Boulevard in Compton, ca.1885

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IMAGERY – Wildflowers in Corral Canyon

Took a drive out to Malibu yesterday to go to the LA Urban Rangers‘ last Malibu public beach safari (the rangers are awesome and doing great work for Los Angeles, you should check them out!). Anyhow, after the safari I decided to do a little adventuring and ended up randomly following Corral Canyon Road from PCH until it turns into a dirt road. Here’s what I saw… a whole bunch of pretty! :)

While wildfires are destructive, they’re a part of nature… although there’s still evidence of burned plants along the hillsides, the new flowers and plants have all grown around them. To see video of what these hillsides looked like in 2007, scroll down after the jump.

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HLA EVENT – ¡Margaritas & Mexican Wrestling Night!


We’ve not been posting much lately outside of Facebook, but that’s because we’ve been working on some great stuff for the summer. Here’s just a sample… tickets are now officially available for our first Passport to Mexico ¡Margaritas and Mexican Wrestling Night!

The event will be on Sunday, May 30th from 7-10pm and the $27 ticket price include a few drinks, appetizers, and chunky Mexican guys in spandex costumes. What more could you want on a Sunday night, I ask? Nada, you answer!!! :)

To purchase tickets, click here!

Note: Since this is the first time we’ve done this event we are currently limiting the available tickets to 30. We might open up more slots closer to the date, if possible. We would like to do these kinds of events regularly in the future and just want to make sure we’re always planning each one to run as smoothly and enjoyably as possible for everyone.
passport to mexico

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TIP – One FREE Tommy Burger For Every Year

tommy On May 15, 1946, Tom Koulax opened a chili burger and hot dog stand on the northeast corner of Beverly and Rampart Boulevards. The key to Original Tommy’s initial success was its proximity to Belmont High School; the local student body was the core of his original clientele and employees. Now expanded to hundreds of locations and thousands of loyal customers, the original stand on Beverly is still going stronger than ever.

So just a little heads up… according to Original Tommy’s Facebook status today, you might wanna stop by 2575 Beverly Boulevard for lunch today and say a few magic words:

“Today is the Shack’s 64th birthday. At the Shack only from 12 noon till 1 PM we will give free chiliburgers to the first 64 people that say Happy 64th Birthday. The big party is next year when the Shack turns 65, it will be BIG.”

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